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Pure Water systems are equipped with an innovative purification process to provide you with refreshing drinking water. We have a variety of bottleless water coolers that will meet the needs of your workplace.

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Available in both countertop and freestanding configurations, our professional coolers make the most of your office space

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Our environmentally friendly, bottleless coolers have a positive impact on global warming by reducing the size of your carbon footprint

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Our coolers provide an endless supply of high quality, great tasting drinking water for you to enjoy

Our Bottleless Coolers

Our most popular unit offers an advanced 9 stage purification system which removes 99% of impurities from your water. Boasting a pH membrane, this cooler adds healthy minerals and electrolytes back into your water.


Matthew Benvie, Evolve Fitness

Great service and great product. If you are tired of lugging bottles around and go through more than a couple of bottles per month, this is the answer to save you time, money and energy.

Megan Milner, Clean Foundation

The office loves the new bottle-less water cooler. The installation was seamless. They were very knowledgeable, friendly, and on time. The concept of a bottle-less water cooler fits in with our environmental and climate impact statements so it’s a huge hit with our team!

Susan Alward, The Summit Spa

2 years ago a client recommended Pure Water as she saw us lugging and replacing water bottles for our cooler. Her company made the switch to Pure Water and she raved about it. We called and quickly made the switch. We have been thrilled! The water tastes great but the big win is no more lugging water bottles or paying $ on storage for bottles!

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