Pure Water Nova Scotia is a Maritime owned and operated company based in Beechville, NS. Our mission is to provide a more convenient and environmentally friendly drinking water service.


Starting in November 2014, we set out to change the way Nova Scotia businesses and homes receive their drinking water. We didn't see traditional bottled water coolers as a viable option. Having to change bottles is a hassle, storing bottles take up valuable space, and the delivery trucks produce unnecessary emissions. We wanted to provide a better service, so we introduced Nova Scotia to bottle-less water coolers with advanced five stage purification systems. Not only do you no longer have to deal with moving around big, heavy bottles, but our water coolers also provide incredibly high-quality, great tasting water without any deliveries or plastic bottles required.​


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We at Pure Water Nova Scotia guarantee:


  • Cooler installation performed by qualified personnel in a non-invasive, professional manner at your workplace or home. 

  • Professional scheduling with you prior to your periodic maintenance to ensure no disruptions occur at your workplace

  • Furnish all replacement parts, filters, and expertise at no extra cost

  • Replace or repair the cooler if it ceases to function in a manner consistent or meet your expectations

  • Un-install the cooler if it is no longer needed or wanted, free of charge​

  • Maintain an open line of communication so your concerns can be dealt with quickly and professionally

  • Last, but not least, provide an endless supply of high quality, great-tasting drinking water for you to enjoy

Environmental Policy

Pure Water Nova Scotia considers the environmental footprint of all of our business operations. We continuously strive to reduce emissions, electricity usage, and fossil fuel consumption. In 2017, we implemented a tablet-based field management system, saving us from having to use roughly 1000 sheets of paper in 2017 alone.

Use of Recycled Products

All Pure Water Nova Scotia marketing material is printed on FSC-certified paper and our team uses digital materials and tablets as much as possible, further reducing paper use.

Energy Saving Practices

Pure Water Nova Scotia’s main office at 1801 Hollis St is committed to energy saving practices, achieving a BOMA BESt Level 3 certification. Energy efficient lights are used, along with motion sensors to automatically dim lights when they are not needed.

Privacy Policy

Pure Water Nova Scotia understands the importance of maintaining information security and confidentiality in every aspect of our business practices. All client information is stored in a secure offline database at the Head Office. We use advanced encryption processes when handling sensitive information such as banking and credit card records.